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University of Alberta:
Applying robot arm to help mentally development-delayed children
    The goal of the research is to investigate whether young children who have mental and physical disabilities will be able to use a robot arm to facilitate their learning, exploration and discovery. Robot arms are used to aid children in their interaction skills development. They serve as a contingency controlling system and monitor the child's performance. The systems are set up in such a way that switch activation will cause the robot arm to perform a predefined movement of interest to the child.
Sensing and control of an artificial eye implant (thesis research topic)
    The main objective of the thesis research is to design an assistive device that will help patients with eye-implant to have natural eye movement. Ocular implant is routinely used for patients who lose their eye for various reasons. The artificial eye can be made like a real eye cosmetically. But the problem is that it is static and does not have the natural movement. In our present research, we are designing an ocular assistive system to enable the artificial eye implant to have natural movement. There are two important issues related to this problem: the identification of the natural eye movement and the coordinated control of the movement of the artificial eye implant.

Dr. Jason Gu, PEng.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dalhousie University
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Last updated: May, 2017