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  Abdel Eliwa Msc. Mobile Robot Path Planning using Genetic Algorithm Global Path Planning and Potential Field Adjusting
  Qihao Zhang MEng Multiple Mobile Manipulator Development Based on Quanser QBot2 & PhantomX Pincher Arm
  Lixia Deng PhD Multiple Mobile Robot Path Planning
  Yi Pu Msc. Design and Implementation of Energy Harvesting Device using Vehicle Suspension System
  Nirupama Vidhya Sudarsanam MEng. Web Based Access to Solar Energy Systems
  Hussin Ketout PhD Fusion of Deformable and Biomechanical Models for Tracking Left Ventricular Endocardium by Echocardiography
  Trinonkar Hazra Msc. A low cost 2-axis plc controlled filament winding machine with simplified fiber winding tension control system
  Philipp Schmid MEng. An improved method of peak-to-average power ratio reduction for FM+IBOC broadcast transmission
  Ze Yu (Linus) Msc. Grip synthesis of three-fingered robotic hand for unknown objects
  Meenal Lele Msc. Evaluation of solid state accelerometer  sensor for effective position estimation
  Hamidreza Moslehi Msc. Design and development of fuzzy logic operated microcontroller based smart motorized wheelchair
  Sivakumar Balasubramanian Meng Study on speech recognition algorithm for wireless mobile robot
  Gopalakrishnan?Durairajan Msc. A unified solution to explore unknown terrain using sweep based approach
  Graham LeBlanc Msc. Design and simulation of a control continuum for tetherless underwater vehicles
  Tao Bai Msc. A Novel Landmark Framework for Mobile Robot Localization and Asynchronous Sensor Fusion
  Gong Cheng Msc. Motion Control of A Wheeled Mobile Robot
  Osama Majdalawieh Msc. On the Design of a Voice-Controlled Robotic System Using HTK
  Jean Quirion Msc. Position Sensorless Drives for Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Motors
  Quansheng Xu Msc.

Control System Study on PWM Boost DC-DC Converter in CCM

  Swee Leong Tan Msc. Investigation of Trajectory Tracking Control Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Platforms: Theory and Simulation
  Jay Jayachandran Msc.

Teleoperation using Predictive Control Approach

  Wesley Manning Msc.

Model Based Adaptive Control of a Spark Ignition Engine Generator

  Karthick Srinivasan Msc. Sensor fusion for mobile robot localization
  Kevin Walker Msc. Stability and control of bilateral teleoperation over the internet with force feedback
  Love Prince Karla Msc. Coverage algorithm for autonomous non-destructive testing of above ground storage tanks with wall climbing robot
  Pifu Zhang Ph.D Globally Consistent Fusion of Multi-Sensor Data for 3D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of an Autonomous Mobile Robot
  Weimin Shen Ph.D Control Theory on Tele-robotics with Neurosurgical Applications